The Metal Mag N18 is over

The interviews in The Metal Mag N18 :

Jim Crean, Koralyst, Anthriel, Sibus, Cody Antill, Craig Martin, Dan Bush, Jeff Blackburn, Kenn Youngar, Steve Wittig,Age of Disclosure, Arapacis, Zarthas, Wraith, Skinflit, St madness, National Suicide, Max 12, Nightbreak, Lorraine Cross, Mark Vandenberg, Chastain, Rock Goddess, Astrey Valley, Samsaya, Dark Ministry, Millennium, Overkhaos, Rottentown, Joe Stump ..few interviews in French and Spanish .

Thanks to Teri Stahl, Heather Williams the labels and all of the supporters and new followers thank you for your support , I wish I could interview all the bands but they are too many so keep spreading the Metal disease!!!

Horns up



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