The Metal Mag N°21 is coming


I hope your new year is starting good ,

The new issue features Entropy Coding, Midnite Hellion, Terry Glaze, Jackson Hewitt, Panndora…

more to come depending on few facts, It’s important to have high quality pictures 300dpi the least . This is a magazine ! whether it’s online it can be printed and there is NO reason to get back quality pics just because it’s on the internet. Internet is not a robot that make pic looks great on your computer when it is actually low quality.

A message to partners, please (I’m using a nice word) link and share The Metal Mag!!! if you don’t play the game you’ll be deleted from the site and I won’t share your infos. I’m not the samaritan !

To the bands who send me tons of requests THANK You , I’m doing the best I can to support everyone of you 🙂

A warm thank you to Alison MBM for her support

Keep the flame



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