The Metal Mag work

Ok while I try to explain to everyone by sending mails, adverts on the mags…etc..

People need to understand I’m not working for anybody and the mag is mine. I appreciate the support and the demands but as I may sounds out of this planet. Nobody lives with water and peace!

So if you want me to get reviews and interviews done you have to understand it has a cost. If you don’t want to pay it’s ok I may take the time to do it on free time. But if you want to be on the top list and help me continue to support you, then I’m asking few bucks so we all enjoy our passion and keep the music spreading.

$/€ 5 a review

$/€ 10 an Interview

$/€ 120 one page advert

You can read the mags for free on the site and if you want a PDF copy to own you can just click buy at the end so you have a souvenir.

Thank you for your time and comprehension

The Editor.


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