The wait is over!!!want to read the new issue?

The Metal Mag N°22 is online,

Read, Spread, Share, invite your friends …

Thank you to all of you who made this new issue possible

The Metal Mag N° 22 February / March 2018

Inside :

#  Debra Beach

#  Pain is

#  Tentation (Français / English)

#  Gaia Epicus

#  Seasons of the wolf by Dave Softee from Metal Meltdown

#  Ravenscroft

#  First of Dawn

#  Heathen

#  Porno Graphic Messiah (Français / English)

#  Ashes Arise (English / Français )

#  Project Pain

#  Kramp (Espanol / English )

#  Elie Bertrand

#  Toxik

# Temtris

# Double Raw

# Exodus

#Hillary Slaughter

# Psychoid

Keep the music flowing and Metal up Your ass!



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