Will The Metal Mag pass the new year?

cropped-themetalmagn30banner.jpgWill The Metal Mag pass the new year?

December is coming and the new year 2020 will bring new excitation.
The new issue 32 has already four interviews ready , as every mags with schedules not followed (even though the mag is every two months) it helps starting with some content.

I have received tons of mails and messenger messages asking “review request” .

Please follow the rules :Prices

Help get the magazine going further! Get your copies , get involved , spread and pay adverts… Share the madness of underground music!

f you have missed my post , From today to the 5th of december :

“Buy a printed mag and get 3 copies of any PDF mags you want.”

“Buy Three PDF and get one FREE.”

If you have any wish to participate in the magazine please get in touch.

the last issue sold as printed :

The Metal Mag N°31

Thanks to all supporters , Ryan, Dena, Andrea

The Editor

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