The year 2019 is ending , the last issue of the magazine is out !!!

TMMcover3The Metal Mag N°32 is done .

What’s inside :

#1 Courtney Cox

#2 Ardityon (English – Italiano)

#3 Eleine

#4 Tygers of Pan Tang

#5 Christina Avila ‘s section

#6 Porn 

#7 St. Madness

#8 Ritual Steel

#9 The Tex Avery Syndrome

#10 Liv Sin

#11 Strider

#12 Imago Imperil

#13  Inadream

#14 Frontback

#15 Juglans Regia

#16 Wes Jacques ’s section

#17 End Of Mankind

#18 Ryan Witting ’s section

#19 Cobra Cult

#20 The Commander In Chief

#21 Edge of paradise

#22 Dogbane

#23 Divine Weep

Jorg Tachtenhagen

Robert Wiggin

Street Lethal


Jeremy Lawler

Frontiers records

Metal Scrap Records

Solstice Promotion

Lyndsay Schoolcraft

Heaven and hell records

Rob De Luca

Spread Eagle

Vinnie Moore

Rockin’you all night

Ryan Witting

Alice Cooper

Rob Halford

Tara Lynch

Death Plague


Bob Media

Palmer Turner Overdrive

Chispter PR

Revalve Records

Lion Music


Imago Imperil

Noisegate Records

Pure Steel Records

Chuck Heath

Shane West

Tony Macch

Jess P Tzimas

Peter Dallas

Mark Simpson

Johnny Zell

Carlos Cruz

Jake Haimowitz

Greg Polcari

Mighty Music

Katia Figuera

So if you want it then come and get it 🙂

The shop is opened !

Happy New Year.


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