The Metal Mag N°33 January 2020 is Out!!!

The Metal Mag N°33 January 2020

Brand new edition :


Once again a new issue is done, as I receive interviews always out of time…

Bands like Anvil deserves respect, like St.Madness who featured on the last cover of the issue 32. Those bands give a reason to fight for the passion that is music. So thank you for all who respects me and appear in the mag!!!

Most underground bands don’t deserve respect, they don’t respect my work nor anything at all. Disrespect of schedule, deadline, no communication and wimp other the net to get their album sold when they are accepting digital platforms making money on their creation.

You can find brand new albums on Utube, Spotify, sometimes on bandcamp… Then I don’t know how they live but they want everything for free. So they keep sending me mails to get their albums reviewed cos that ‘s the only thing they want: a free review.

Well sorry you have to fight if you want to one day be big as Anvil!!! Which is not going to happen reason why the seventies and eighties bands are still here.

I’m happy to have interviewed and shared undergrounds bands even if many have disappeared. It’s a tough world and you don’t pay the bills with mp3s.  I was going to stop the mag with the issue 32 :


The cover says it all!!! 22 years of spreading the disease of music I love since I was born, spreading videos, interviews, anything music related. So in the last issue you will find Wes Jaques‘s interviews, Zach Moonshine who is doing a big work online, Metal Mike who like many interview bands on his utube channel. Lady Kat Chaos who is interviewing bands on many magazines.

Metal was a united music in the eighties and has lost it all. I have and will always share others work as I respect people. I was once the first to have on online magazine, people asked me to get it printed in a time when digital has taken the biggest place.

At the end how many bought a printed copy? only the few who respect my work ! That means not many. Online interviews with podcasts and all are the ones who work great, they mostly have the biggest bands. I’ve been trying to find a way to get my mags online , I used Issu which looked great , I understand they want to get paid for their work but I don’t understand why I should pay a company that makes money on selling my magazines! So I keep searching for the right thing to spread my mags online as they always have been.

IF you ‘re still reading that means you care, the issue 33 for the new year has a great musician Jeremy Ross who is giving away signed poster and CDs to whom will read and answer the questions. As an exceptional time I’m giving away FREE copy of the printed magazine The Metal Mag Number 32 to anyone who will answer few questions.

Until then , keep using facebook the only place people are!

Thanks for following me and all the people who supports me and buy the pdf and printed copies : you rock!

The Editor,


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