The Metal Mag N°34 February issue is out!

The return of eighties legend, Shark Island among Virus. Metal moose interviews, Metal Mike interview. A diverse musical taste from many Metal styles as Rock and shredder.

Discover or simply read more about the bands you already know, interviews, reviews, live shows… an immersion into the only independent magazine covering new bands as older ones forgotten from the usual medias.


As usual the magazine is available as PdF and Printed. For those who don’t want to spend a penny on others work, you can also read it freely on the net as it has been since 98!

So if you follow and like my work buy the magazine to keep a trace of this unusual magazine and spread it.

Since no one is interested about wining some goodies , it is still possible if you want to support the underground to send your mails and be a winner! It’s simple just read the first magazine of the year 2020 available on the site : a hint, it’s January the first month of the year…

Any bands or labels or anyone willing to get an advert, the cover or anything just check the prices page and get back to me , and oh .. follow the deadline thank you.

“Respect” as sung Pantera

Also if you Love but Really LOVE The Metal Mag and by chance own one … you can also get into the facebook group!

Owners who haven’t yet , you can still please send a photo of yourself holding a printed mag to show others what they are missing and simply join the crowd of the other fans who have done such.

CYA and until next time, ride the music all along your day!


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