Roommates + Wildstreet – live at Silvercube Lounge & Hardrock Lounge in Dielsdorf

The band Wildstreet, began in 2006 and released their self-titled debut album on Retrospect Records in 2009. The band spent the next 4 years touring nonstop and performing at US festivals including: Rocklahoma (5 consecutive years), SXSW & M3 Rock Festival. Wildstreet rocked alongside Black Veil Brides, Vains of Jenna, The Bouncing Souls, The Last Vegas, Twisted Sister, Michael Monroe, Crashdiet, Diemonds, Kix, LA Guns and more.

The band won the Best Buy/Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands for Rockstar Energy’s Uproar Festival, and opened for Avenged Sevenfold, Sevendust and Three Days Grace in Camden, NJ.

On June 3rd, Wildstreet are going to perform at the Silvercube Lounge & Hardrock Lounge in Dielsdorf and the Italian Alternative Rock Band Roommates is going to open the gig. The Roommates are an Alternative Rock band that formed in 2012 with over 500 concerts in Italy and the French Riviera. They have released two studio albums, “Fake” (2017) and “Roots” (2020), and a live album, “Live Arena Festival” (2021). Currently, they are working on producing their third album which features the participation of some international artists.

Roommates recently played with The Last Internationale (USA) and Taipei Houston (Lars Ulrich’s sons band) in Milano at Legend Club. In 2022, they played on important stages such as the Pistoia Blues Festival and the Shock Metal Fest, sharing the stage with Italian and international artists such as Gov’t Mule, La Terza Classe & Joe Bastianich, Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons, Nick Oliveri’s Mondo Generator, Pino Scotto e Maurizio Solieri.

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The Metal Mag N°53 January – February 2023


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January 30, 2023 (Los Angeles, Calif.) – Motive Black’s debut album titled,  Auburn, drops worldwide on Friday, February 10, 2023. Produced by Grammy-winner Nick Rowe(BloodsimpleVampire Weekend) the album features special guests such as Marcos Curiel (P.O.D.), Ray Luzier (Korn), and Carla Harvey (Butcher Babies). 

Motive Black are poised for big things,” says Eli Enis at REVOLVER and compares Elana Justin to artists like Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale and the Pretty Reckless’ Taylor MomsenLeah Brungardt at All Access adds: “Motive Black is the creative phoenix born of singer Elana Justin’s pain, tenacity, and resilience.”

“Auburn has been a roller coaster to work on,” frontwoman and founding band member Elana explains. “It explores change, evolution, and the ugly and beautiful things that go along with that. It’s a ride through manic highs and heavy lows. There is a lot of messiness involved in rediscovering yourself. I’m so grateful for all of the amazing people involved in the creation of this album. It was really amazing working with people like CarlaRayMarcos, and of course Nick. I am so excited to finally get  Auburn out into the world!”

Elana says that album “is named for my sister’s beautiful auburn-colored hair. Losing her to addiction forced me to reexamine my life and make significant changes. I went through a huge transitional period. This album is the narrative of that journey.”

Auburn features Elana Justin on vocals; Nick Rowe on guitar, bass and co-songwriting credits; drummer Ray Luzier (Korn) on six tracks; guitarist Marcos Curiel (P.O.D.) on the first single “Broken“; and “special guest” Carla Harvey of Butcher Babies on the song “Lift Me Up.” Harvey also co-starred in the video for that track and says: “I love collaborating with strong women on projects so when I was asked to add my vocals to “Lift Me Up,” I happily obliged. The result…an infectious tune, a new found friendship…!”

Auburn was produced at the legendary NRG Studios in North Hollywood, Calif. by Grammy-winning Nick Rowe (Vampire WeekendLamb Of GodMadonnaSnoop Dogg) and mixed by Josh Wilbur (Lamb of GodKornPapa Roach). Motive Black will appeal to fans of EvanescenceDelainFollow The CypherThe Pretty RecklessHalestormNew Years DayIn This MomentShinedown

Auburn track listing:  
1. “Lift Me Up” (feat. Carla Harvey)  
2. “Broken” (feat. Ray Luzier, Marcos Curiel)  
3. “Let Down”  
4. “Bloodsport”  
5. “Caged” (feat. Ray Luzier)  
6. “Purge”  
7. “Cellophane” (feat. Ray Luzier)  
8. “Bad Decisions”  
9. “Fake” (feat. Ray Luzier)  
10. “Fight Alone” (feat. Ray Luzier)  
11. “Auburn” (feat. Ray Luzier)

Pre-save HERE.

Visit Motive Black online:  
AFM Records Artist Page HERE.  

IMDB for Elana Justin HERE.

AFM Records is a Rock/Metal record label, based in Hamburg, Germany. Founded in Schwalmstadt in 1996 the label’s roster has included iconic acts like U.D.O.DanzigDoroEvergreyTheatre Of TragedyFlotsam And JetsamAnvilCabin Boy Jumped Ship, BillyBioThundermother and DestructionMotive Black was signed the label in 2020.

The Metal Mag N°52 November – December 2022

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The Metal Mag N°52 November - December 2022 cover

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Bands :

#1 The 450s  #P4 – #P6

#2 Inhuman Condition #P7 – #P10

#3 Hook&Bones #P11 – #P17 (Français/English)

#4 17Crash #P18 – #P21

#5 Balckhole #P22 – #P29 (Français/English)

#6 Fabiano Negri #P32 – #P34

#7 Steelwings #P35 – #P37

#8 Elphant Takedown #P46 – #P49

#9 Motive Black #P52  – #P55

#10 Hocculta #P56 – #P60

#11 Goot / Dissector Yan #P64 – #P67

#12 Jadoo (English/Spanish) #P68 – #P75

#13 Project Pain #P76 – #P78

#14 Chloe Trujillo #P80 – #P82

#15 The Foxy Ladies (Français/English) #P83 – #P90

#16 Dan Brooklyn #P91 – #P95

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The Metal Mag N°51 Sept – Oct 2022

#1 Rezet  #P4 – #P6

#2 Torn Fabriks #P8 – #P11

#3 Dan Sindel #P14 – #P19

#4 Robert Anthony Robinson #P20 – #P23

#5 Evil Minded (Français / English) #P28 – #P33

#6 Magical Heart #P34 – #P37

#7 Hemesath #P38 – #P40

#8 Flying Circus #P42 – #P45

#9 DevilsBridge #P48 – #P52

#10 Böllverk #P54 – #P57

#11 Cecile Delpoïo (Français / English) #P58 – #P65

#12 Reog #P66 -#P69

#13 Held Hostage #P74 – #P78

#14 Syteria #P80 – #P83

#15 The Wide #P84 – #P87

#16 Jade Wild Photos with Blind Illusion #P88 – #P89

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The Metal Mag N°49 May – June 2022

#P4 – #P6 Axemaster

  #P8 – #P12 Caterina Nix

  #P13 – #P18 Estriver

  #P19 – #P 23The Great Kat

  #P24 – #P29 Eden Myrrh

  #P30  – #P31 Robyn Ferguson

  #P37 – #P40 BabySaster

  #P41 – #P43 Bottlekopf

  #P44 – #P54 Chaos Rising (Français / English)

  #P56 – #P64 Klaboufka bands :

– Asperra

– Genothype

– Jacker´s

– Rebel

– Sezarbil

  #P66 – #P69 Sepsiss

  #P70 – #P73 Barbara Teleki

  #P74  – #P75 Christina Avila’s section

– Stian Pian

  #P76 – #P79 Sacra Victoria

#P80- #P82 Slanderus

#P84 – #P87 Reviews

#P88 – #P93 Hellfest (Français)

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The Metal Mag N°46 November – December 2021

The Metal Mag N°46 November – December 2021

The Metal Mag N°46 November - December 2021 cover
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Pale Wizard Records

Toxic Rose

Downright Malice (Français/English)

The Three Tremors

Fliptop Box




Space Parasite


Dust in Mind (Français/English)

Hit The Ground Runnin’


Eva Karczewska 


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