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A bit of news, you are for most of you in holidays enjoying the sun (i guess..).

I once want to give a shout out to Teri Stalh for a constant support and sharing her passion with The Metal Mag

Beeing busy and receive tons of mails as usual thanks for that!!!

Sadly I haven’t received much for the contest on getting a Diodak guitar please pass on or get to his site right away.

Still upadating the old site reference :

check the interview video from Teri uploaded on the site! you rule girl.

Keep music alive


The Metal Mag N°14

Hello fellas,

This issue is special as it’s little smaller than usual; you’re gonna say it ‘s summer… well not really it’s only a matter of personal life. My commitment are only during the week ends for a while so stick to me as it demands lots of time.

In this issue the partners Diodak for which you can win a ghost guitar, Hellbrush and others are still here to share their artistic work and passion a big thanks to them. Thanks to the beloved Marie who shared once again one of her paintings for the cover (she’s selling a lot)

Interviews with Denis Louis the first man to built Metal guitars, Flotsam & Jetsam Eric talks a bit of the new album and line up, Invasive give a little insight of the changes, Celestial Ruin talks about the difficulty to be part of the canadian scene, Madam Mayhem talks about the pleasure of being a singer, Furies talks about the French metal scene and else and as usual now the dedicated Teri Stahl in her Drummer rock section has many drummers talking about their passion. Including Blind Side Thunder, 24-7, Tomato, Sunroad

all these to keep the metal music alive and a passion that takes a lot of energy.

Support the bands

and if you want to participate you are always welcome

stay tuned


30 th May 2016

New partners with The Metal Mag , Diodak , Hellbrush so check’em out!!!

Also you will have some cool stuff in the new mag 14..

New reviews from Scarlett records, Reverse records… check the review page 

First time contest for the readers!

The first one is for guitarist and for shipping reasons only for European guitar fans.

Win a Ghost guitar from Diodak

For this is simple answer those questions, send the answers to the mail :

themetalmag@metalzoneprod666.com with in the subject ‘diodak contest’ before the 13 of june!

1/who is the queen interview in the 2nd issue of The Metal Mag?

2/which famous thrasher has engraved his guitar from diodak?

3/what is a ghost guitar?

4/what else can do diodak?

5/when The Metal Mag started and how many issue were made?

6/who was the first Metallica guitarist?

in case of several winners send in your best pic with your guitar!

The first winner will get his Ghost guitar ! the rest will get a plectrum with The Metal Mag logo on it.

Don’t forget to give your name and adress!!!

More contest to come!

stay tuned!

PS: for those and you are many to still use the mail dark@metalzoneprod666.com as i have told many months this mail is not anylonger due to spams.

Please update your files with the one on the top thank you


April 2016 the new mag is coming!

Interviews in the 13th issue:

Aeons of Hate  – Death Metal from Greece

Hot Hell Room – Heavy/Thrash from France

Krazy Madness  – Heavy from Canada

Lee Aaron – Hard Rock/Aor from Canada

Salem – Heavy Metal from UK

Trouble – Heavy Metal from UK

Tery’s drummer section with Mudface

… and many to come

You can also check the live videos with Alestorm and Blood Bound on my utube channel!

stay tuned.