So what’s happening for The Metal Mag N°24?

So what’s happening for The Metal Mag N°24?


You might think , “but what’s happening? he is in vacation?” well I keep being busy and believe me it’s not easy with holidays…

What you will see and read in the next issue end of August :

#1 Hexed (Svenska / English )

#2 Stone Mob

#3 Rik Fox & Jim Crean

#4 Genus Ordinis Dei

#5 Alison Masson :

– Johnny Gieoli

#6 Metal Babe Mayhem

#7 Franco Giovannini :

– Beneath The Fallen (Italiano / English)

#8 No Return (Français / English)

#9 Jenna williams :

– Jason Charles Miller

#10 Satan Jokers – Renaud Hantson (Français / English)

#11 Weapon Uk

#12 The End of Melancholy

#13 Java

The only magazine that shares many languages into one issue!

so hurry up if you wanna join us, as always calling all sponsors and people wishing to have an ad inside get in touch to support bands and help me print.

Also if you wanna collect the mags pdf until the 31th august buy three copies of the mag and get the fourth one free!!!

Go straight to the shop link, I’m keeping updating the mags as much as I can due to print prices.

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Have a nice day my beloved metalheads and don’t forget if you want to be part of it just ring the bell 🙂


Do you love The Metal Mag?

You love The Metal Mag, so help me to get it higher!

You can buy the pdf files on the website to keep on your computer

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But if you love to own the printed issue, then you have to support me and help find the right way. You can speak about it , find sponsors, ask your label to promote etc…

If you have any input or ideas to support your favorite magazine then make your say and contact me

The next issue is coming …

stay tuned



What to celebrate for this summer? @themetalmag

This is summer and you’re invited to celebrate twenty years of Metal support.

In 1998 I started Metal Zone Prod.666    with the idea to spread Metal bands around the world with diverse fields to help. It went from newsletter, selling merchandise, booking gigs, albums reviews…

Proud to be one of the first to have started an Online magazine as PDF, The Metal Mag is still here spreading the disease of Metal.

It wouldn’t be possible without the passion that is driving me and all the people who have participated from far to close to this continued motivation that makes life better.

Although I haven’t printed yet all the mags editions, as I know many of you want to own a copy, you are welcome to by the pdf version on the website and for the printed edition here are the prices for individuals.

N°13 = €19

N°14 = €21

N°15 = €14

N°16 = €18

N°17 = €23

N°18 = €26

N°19 = €29

N°20 = €22

N°21 = €17

N°22 = €22

N°23 = €22

You know that the most who ask the most I can print and so the price will melt down.

So thank you all and Happy Anniversary to me 🙂


Music is Life


Are you enjoying your summer? Well The Metal Mag is …

Alright fellas and supporters

The Metal Mag N°24 is on its way. In the next issue so far you’ll be able to read from :

Hexed , Stone Mob , Rik Fox , Jim Crean , Genus Ordinis Dei,

Johnny Gieoli (interviewed by Alison Metal Babe Masson) ….

Few haven’t replied yet , so stay tuned it should be done end of July or in August depending on how many I receive due to the fact it’s holidays and tours for others.

Brett Kihlmire has done a review you can find on the site and he might do some more in the futur as Matt Drummond did. I’m really happy to have people willing to support my work and be part of the Metal union that has somehow disappeared from the mid eigthies. (‘rock is dead’ if you haven’t get it is because you are not supporting bands)

As you might all know a printed magazine survive because of advertising, since the only answer I keep receiving is “I don’t have money” (well try to live with $/€ 700 per months and we’ll talk) it’s impossible for me to print tons of magazine unless you pay to have a copy. SO I want to send a HUGE thank you to all who buy the pdf mags and the ones who orders and pay the printed copy you are the best!!!

The last issue N°23


Has sold more than 10 copies and I still receiving orders !!! Thank you sooo much

Stay Metal



Searching something?

While you are in the website of The Metal Mag, rather than sending me chat few facebook (even If I like to exchange) you can search the site in the search box so it will show you directly what you are searching for !!!

It will also avoid me checking each page for you….

For people interesting in buying a printed copy, I need at least ten buyers who really will pay !


and enjoy your stay



©fran cine

Who wants a printed mag???

Who wants a printed mag???

Hello fellow metalheads, I like to get people asking in a post ‘can i buy one/two… copies’ really heats my heart,

But if it’s to say ‘ Sorry it’s too expensive ‘ then don’t do this!!!

Noone is advertising in the mag and noone pays to get in, so I’m not rich and won’t print copies until people have agreed to pay them.

I repeat the more you print the less you pay!!! (yet I would need 2000 buyers for normal price…)

Thanks for repecting my days of work to support the bands who need to get exposed and don’t get into known magazines.

Yours truly,

Ps : You can still buy a pdf copy in the shop section.


Are you hungry? is your heart beat burning? then you’re waiting for the new issue of The Metal Mag!

Are you hungry? is your heart beat burning? then you’re waiting for the new issue of The Metal Mag!

In few days you’ll be able to read share and worship the only online magazine that has several languages, bands you never see in big known ones you buy in the stores, and support the scene.

A magazine that breath and lives because of the passion of the music bands are giving us the pleasure to listen to everyday and makes Heavy Metal music still here today!

So hand on tight and be ready,

if you wish to buy a printed copy please let me know as it will help to print them at once getting the price smaller and already five people are on the list so hurry up!

for the ones who want it digital go to the shop and buy your pdf version readable everywhere anytime.

Thanks for the support

The Editor

Did you know you can have the mag for yourself?

If like many you have visited the website of The Metal Mag , you have certainly saw a button ‘BUY’ at the end of the page. Well like Susanna Coltrè by clicking this button you can own a PDF file of the mag directly onto your computer to read freely anytime of the day and night . For a mere $3 this could be yours!!!

This will reward my work I’ve been doing for supporting the Metal and Rock scene since 1998.

Of course you can also ask for a printed copy that will cost a bit much but there is no price for such rare magazine.

I can’t thank enough the people who ordered the printed version , Susanna Coltrè , Terry Glaze ,  Thierry Villard ,  Duane T Jones , …

Support the underground, and artists

Thank you


The wait is over!!!want to read the new issue?

The Metal Mag N°22 is online,

Read, Spread, Share, invite your friends …

Thank you to all of you who made this new issue possible

The Metal Mag N° 22 February / March 2018

Inside :

#  Debra Beach

#  Pain is

#  Tentation (Français / English)

#  Gaia Epicus

#  Seasons of the wolf by Dave Softee from Metal Meltdown

#  Ravenscroft

#  First of Dawn

#  Heathen

#  Porno Graphic Messiah (Français / English)

#  Ashes Arise (English / Français )

#  Project Pain

#  Kramp (Espanol / English )

#  Elie Bertrand

#  Toxik

# Temtris

# Double Raw

# Exodus

#Hillary Slaughter

# Psychoid

Keep the music flowing and Metal up Your ass!