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The Metal Mag issue number 30 is out!!!

It’s with pleasure and still hard time I get you the new issue of the magazine. A bit late due to the summer time and few bands late reply. I recall the mag is made every two months so if you can’t get into the schedule I’m sorry you’ll have to wait.

Since the big demand on the printing issue since 2016 , it is possible to get it in hard copy for your collection! (The wimping ones never buy anything…)

So head of to the shop and get as many copies as you want!

Check it out :


For those who read my troubles on Facebook , you may know I can’t see my pages and so share as I used to.  (At the same time I’m not paid to spread the news anyway…)

As we say in France “every job deserves it’s pay check” , so while I’m overwhelmed by demands to review and interview bands. I feel sad to see only bands empty their pocket for the mag.

So I’m sorry if I can’t reply to everyone.

Thanks to the labels and PR’s who spread bands and sorry that few bands never reply… If you don’t want support don’t ask for it!

Until next time, have a good read



The Metal Mag and his friends..

The Metal Mag has teamed up with C II M Productions to bring you some awesome bands to follow and spread. You certainly saw already Rick Marino ‘s interview and bands in the last number of the Mag N°29 , if you haven’t check it yet go and head over to the shop page! More to come …

Have you got your copy yet?

As you may know The Metal Mag N°28 is out, thanks to all who ordered it. For the others go by the website and get yourself a piece of History!

(Ryan Witting told so as Alexandre Achain)

The Metal Mag N°28 cover March / April 2019

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with Zephyra, Scarlette – Scarlette Fever, Joe Stump, Nicolas Waldo, Katia Figuera, Nikki Allin, Lana Blac, REIGN, Tony Netterbrant, Scarlet Sins, Hammer Down Hard, Wes Moose Jaques, Astrum Lux Lucis, Adrienne Diane Dena Weisman, Howell Maury, Petr Duffek, Kim Deiman Allegrezza, Leather Leone BAND, ZiX, SEVI, Edge of Destiny, Antoine VolHard, John LeVasseur, Kelly Tee, Kraevin Caedo, Kamil Růžička, Being “alive” is beautiful, Keb Szabo, LoveBone, Christina Avila, Electric Shock, Sign Of The Jackal, Ryan Witting, Elie Bertrand, Blitzkrieg, Sophia E. DiGonis, Deathroned, Brad Lang, Fabien Pinneteau, Horseman, Infinitus Mortus, Stepchild, Полинове Поле / Polynove Pole, Ambush, Lion Music Record Label, Metal Coffee Podcast and The Metal Mag.

The N°29 is on it’s way and will hit the shores end of June so keep your eyes opened!

Surprises awaiting for you!

ps: it’s still time to get inside…contact me

The Editor

Franck Michaud