The Metal Mag printed view…

So proud to have bought a copy of the last mag and will print the other ones for myself.

Check the photos




Give aways…

Hello Fellows,
In the last issue of The Metal Mag it’s written you can get a FREE album from JacksonHewitt
As for now I haven’t received any messages so I supposed you are not interested.
It’s a shame to see when bands are trying to be gentle and noone cares while they are struggling to put their music out and give fans great music.
Next time I will give tide pods I might get some messages…

The Metal Mag work

Ok while I try to explain to everyone by sending mails, adverts on the mags…etc..

People need to understand I’m not working for anybody and the mag is mine. I appreciate the support and the demands but as I may sounds out of this planet. Nobody lives with water and peace!

So if you want me to get reviews and interviews done you have to understand it has a cost. If you don’t want to pay it’s ok I may take the time to do it on free time. But if you want to be on the top list and help me continue to support you, then I’m asking few bucks so we all enjoy our passion and keep the music spreading.

$/€ 5 a review

$/€ 10 an Interview

$/€ 120 one page advert

You can read the mags for free on the site and if you want a PDF copy to own you can just click buy at the end so you have a souvenir.

Thank you for your time and comprehension

The Editor.

The Metal Mag and live support…


First I want to say thank you to all the people interested and following the magazine, don’t forget to tell your friends and share it!

Then I feel suprised bands keep asking me how to get gigs in France and Europe. While I’d love to support bands in anyways I wonder why it’s so damn hard to get live dates for bands.

Please if you have an organisation for live events get back to me and help those bands who wants to play live !!!



The Metal Mag N°21 is coming


I hope your new year is starting good ,

The new issue features Entropy Coding, Midnite Hellion, Terry Glaze, Jackson Hewitt, Panndora…

more to come depending on few facts, It’s important to have high quality pictures 300dpi the least . This is a magazine ! whether it’s online it can be printed and there is NO reason to get back quality pics just because it’s on the internet. Internet is not a robot that make pic looks great on your computer when it is actually low quality.

A message to partners, please (I’m using a nice word) link and share The Metal Mag!!! if you don’t play the game you’ll be deleted from the site and I won’t share your infos. I’m not the samaritan !

To the bands who send me tons of requests THANK You , I’m doing the best I can to support everyone of you 🙂

A warm thank you to Alison MBM for her support

Keep the flame