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The Metal Mag N19

OK the mag is nearly finished, few days to wait !!!

so far interviews : # Gundaker # Thrust # Axe Master # Mathias Holm Klarin # Pokerface # Alch3my (Français/English) # Sevi #Space Vacation # Opposing Motion # Robb Reiner – Anvil – Chris Moore – YYNOT – Michael Gray – Rodney Pino – Silent Rage – Deano Ferrari – Clive Edwards # Toxik # Dementia # Scarlean # Chaos AB (Français, English) # Wildecliffe #  Sodom Girschool # Mind Of Fury # Dale Sholler # Mason # Scott Gailor # Silk9 # Absolva # Troyen # Weapons of  Anew # Ripio # Xtasy # Chrysilia # Ice Age # Speed Limit # Satarial # Yggdrassil (espanol / english) # Shadowside # Hesperion # …

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Franck – The Metal Mag

The Metal Mag N19 news

Alright fellas, the new issue is going smoothly but to remind bands the deadline is 28th september

 Gundaker , Thrust , Axe Master , Mathias Holm Klarin ,  Pokerface , Alch3my , Space Vacation ,  Opposing Motion ,  Robb Reiner ,  Chris Moore ,  Michael Gray ,  Rodney Pino , Deano Ferrari , Clive Edwards , Toxik , Dementia , Scarlean ,  Chaos AB, Anne-Laure Deylaud  Motocultor photos , Sodom ,Girschool.. are amongst the interview to be published

So be ready and hit me if you need 🙂

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The Metal Mag N5 is online

OK lads, it ‘s finally done all the mags are on the website, I’m updating the old site to keep people check the old reviews as well

please feel free for the feedback and to the bands who hasn’t got the mag due to contact issue send me a message 🙂

the mag here

Live interview at the Hellfest with Dagoba and Dr Living Dead (videos), Interview from Kev G Oastesly with Gojira (online), Dana Shelton From You Rawk Magazine, Toranaga, Kauze , Resistance, Rik Fox, Lazy Hollow, Axxion, Edge of Paradise, Chris Holmes, Savage, Marishi Ten Tygers Of Pan TangBodyguerra

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Is facebook a business?!

It is impossible to get in touch with this social media that gets load of dollars from adverts and call itself a FREE social network when they actually act like dictator doing what they want with your profiles, I sent this :

“I don’t know if anyone will read this, since it”s impossible to be in touch with your business…
After I paid you , you forced me to change my password blocked me from sharing on my page and now you block me on messenger

what is wrong with you???”

When will be a real social media who isn’t disrepecting people?

Why todays big companies are impossible to reach? are they hidding on an island full of dollars?

This world is falling apart

Have a nice days