The Metal Mag N°3 is online

Once again retriving old files the mag is now available for reading

The Metal Mag N°3 – 2010/2011

Dark Victory , Amy Schugar , Dogbane , Chris Allen , Core Device , Ancient Creation , Garage days , Spidkilz , Kaine , Skullfist , Teo Ross , Indisguise , Media Solution , Savage messiah , Tracii Tracer , Shadowside , Heaven and Hell Records , Earake Records

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The Metal Mag N19 is in the works

Alright folks ,

Due to the fame of the magazine and the amount of bands out there , the mag is already in the works of the new issue!

First interviews : Eric Claro ‘s Thrust singer,  Gundaker’s guitarist , Teri’s rockin drummer Rob Reiner Anvil, Heather interviews with Tom Angelripper ‘sodom , Jax Chamber’s Girschool … more to come

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The Metal Mag N18 is over

The interviews in The Metal Mag N18 :

Jim Crean, Koralyst, Anthriel, Sibus, Cody Antill, Craig Martin, Dan Bush, Jeff Blackburn, Kenn Youngar, Steve Wittig,Age of Disclosure, Arapacis, Zarthas, Wraith, Skinflit, St madness, National Suicide, Max 12, Nightbreak, Lorraine Cross, Mark Vandenberg, Chastain, Rock Goddess, Astrey Valley, Samsaya, Dark Ministry, Millennium, Overkhaos, Rottentown, Joe Stump ..few interviews in French and Spanish .

Thanks to Teri Stahl, Heather Williams the labels and all of the supporters and new followers thank you for your support , I wish I could interview all the bands but they are too many so keep spreading the Metal disease!!!

Horns up


The Metal Mag news

Hello Folks ,

little update hope to get it done in a week, added St Madness, National Suicide, Maxx 12, Nightbreak, lorraine Cross, Marc Vanderberg, David T Chastain…

Few more should arrive…

A big thank you to Trish Hardin for spreading the mag 🙂

A huge hello to all checking and loving the mags pages sites…

Thank you for your support

Horns up

The Metal Mag first issue online!!!


It’s with a big pleasure to announce I managed to get my old mags files back. As you know with tecnology evolving fast and old computer and software issues, I finally got hold on the interview from the first issue of The Metal Mag.

The quality is not excellent as couldn’t get the original files from photoshop that somehow killed most of them in an old HD… sadly.

Thankfully with my old website back up interviews I have been able to reconstruct the mag.

Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do and gets back to memories.

Thank you