The Metal Mag first issue online!!!


It’s with a big pleasure to announce I managed to get my old mags files back. As you know with tecnology evolving fast and old computer and software issues, I finally got hold on the interview from the first issue of The Metal Mag.

The quality is not excellent as couldn’t get the original files from photoshop that somehow killed most of them in an old HD… sadly.

Thankfully with my old website back up interviews I have been able to reconstruct the mag.

Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do and gets back to memories.

Thank you

The Metal Mag N18 update

The new mag is coming slowly so just an update :

Interviews with Jim Crean, Koralyst, Anthriel, Age of disclosure, Arapacis .. teri’s rockin drummer section with Omen, Swamphammer, Messer, Gamma, Gundacker, SJ sindicate… Tower of Babel ‘s joe stump talks to Lion Music Records and many to come.

Reviews done

get in touch and stay tuned


The Metal Mag nº17

The Metal Mag new issue 17 out end of May featuring :
Aittala  – Veil Of Delusions –  1349 (Official) –  Trym Torson – Simon Wright – Assassin’s Blade – Mike LePond – THE LUST-  Dissector-  Sherry Lenox-  –  SpiteFuel. David Softee Kletzel interview Persefone – Jimi Anderson – Evil Killer.(espanol!) – WRETCH Pure Steel Records. – Bludy Gyres – Crimson Caliber – Holly Jane Towers – Heather Williams interviews, Teri Stahl always bringing her ‘drummer rock interviews’ so stay tuned and get in touch for interviews, adverts, partnership…
cover artwork by Marie la Chipie
let’s get rocked!

The Metal Mag

Happy New Year 2017

Alright folks,

a new mag is on its way and hopefully should reach the shores of world wide web at the end of the month if I don’t drown into the deep ocean of reviews i have to make and updates on websites…

Teri will get another drummer rock section with : Jason Bittner , Bob Guitrau, Niki Skistimas and more to come, also Decadence Sweden, Salvación , Toy Called God, …. the cover artwork by Fontaine Sophie stay tuned

by the way Teri Stahl will slide into the alley of happiness at NAMM show so if you see her give her a hug or kiss 🙂

The Metal Mag