The Metal Mag and live support…


First I want to say thank you to all the people interested and following the magazine, don’t forget to tell your friends and share it!

Then I feel suprised bands keep asking me how to get gigs in France and Europe. While I’d love to support bands in anyways I wonder why it’s so damn hard to get live dates for bands.

Please if you have an organisation for live events get back to me and help those bands who wants to play live !!!




The Metal Mag N°21 is out!!! read it now

The Metal Mag N°21 is out!!! read it now

The Metal Mag N° 21 – December 2017 / January 2018

– Terry Glaze

– Entropy Coding

– Midnite Hellion

– Jackson Hewitt

– Panndora

– Laurence Jones

– Swirl

– Alessio Berlaffa

– Secret Illusion

– Suzi Kory

– Burnt Out Wreck

– Bad Blood

– Offensive Ground

– Angeles

– Garden of Sinners


The Metal Mag N°21 is coming


I hope your new year is starting good ,

The new issue features Entropy Coding, Midnite Hellion, Terry Glaze, Jackson Hewitt, Panndora…

more to come depending on few facts, It’s important to have high quality pictures 300dpi the least . This is a magazine ! whether it’s online it can be printed and there is NO reason to get back quality pics just because it’s on the internet. Internet is not a robot that make pic looks great on your computer when it is actually low quality.

A message to partners, please (I’m using a nice word) link and share The Metal Mag!!! if you don’t play the game you’ll be deleted from the site and I won’t share your infos. I’m not the samaritan !

To the bands who send me tons of requests THANK You , I’m doing the best I can to support everyone of you 🙂

A warm thank you to Alison MBM for her support

Keep the flame


Getting ready for the party

Hello fellows and fellas,

Guess you are all preparing to have fun with familly and friends, The Metal Mag 21 is on its way so if you wanna be in just get in touch.

I don’t know why people think low quality pics are ok for internet, so please send high quality pictures to get a good rendering.

Thanks to the followers and readers, unite we stand so please help each others and share as much as you can as I do or better 🙂

Wish you merry xmas n happy new year

Always here so pop in anytime

take care

Music for All!