The Metal Mag N°20 is out!!!

OK fellas,

The deadline is past so for the latest bands they will be included in the next issue. The mag will be posted shortly so stay tuned to your screens 🙂

The Metal Mag N°20 – Oct/Nov 2017 — with 1000Dead, Saad Jones, Baleful Creed, Starblind, Autograph, Psychobolia, Lars Eric Mattsson, WildeStarr, Gravehuffer, Pictura Poesis, Cloven Hoof, Alien Weaponry, Down For Five, Noemy Langlais, Eyestral, Tara Lynch, Day Six, Jason Aaron Wood, Pentagram (official), MARCHING OUT and Crooked Minds.

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The Metal Mag


What are you waiting for?


The mag will be online in few days as the month is ending to a new one, I won’t chase bands anymore so if you still want to get in just send the interview back with pics , I also made a word to labels and prs in the mag …

Keep the music alive

Thanks to all who participate or have for the mag

Take care



TMM message


I want to thank all the people following me and spreading the mag, all the people who have participated and still do. Teri Stahl, Heather Williams, Marie chipie, Hellbrush, Noemie Langlais, .. all the people I forget sorry.

I first started this online mag back in 1998 and didn’t think it would go that far. I also see people are still not ready to read an online mag and still buy paper mags while they spend most of their time on a phone!

I want you to give a welcome to Matt Dummond who recently joined with reviews and should get interviews in the mag too. (thx for bringing fans )

Let’s the music play

Have a good week end


The Metal Mag ‘s little news

Ok folks,

So far so good, Eyestral, Saad jones, Linn van Vugt Crooked Mind / Pictura Poesis, Starblind, Tara Lynch, Marching Out, Gravehuffer, Alien Weaponry, Live photos from Maggie Bolcsfoldy, Teri’s rockin drummer with Pentagram and Autograph …

Not reviewing much can’t do it all so I aplogy it would need days just for this to make everyone happy, still sending out interviews to bands.

Any help is welcome…

Horns up


The Metal Mag N°20 news

Hello folks,

The new issue is starting slowly, first interviews : French band Eyestral, English/French writer Saad jones, Crooked Mind , Pure Steel Records Starblind, Teri ‘s Rockin drummer with Pentagram and Autograph

So stay tuned and if you wanna advert or participate just hit me up!

Keep it rockin