SO what’s up in The Metal Mag camp?

Alright it’s half of the month already and the interviews are getting as such:

#  Debra Beach poem

#  Pain is

#  Tentation (Français / English)

#  Gaia Epicus

#  Seasons of the wolf by Dave Softee from Metal Meltdown

#  Ravenscroft

#  First of Dawn

#  Heathen

#  Porno Graphic Messiah (Français / English)

As usual those not replying before the deadline will not be amongst the others and left out .

New will come so get tuned and don’t forget to check the site where you can buy the mags as PDF file and if you want a printed version get in touch as it’s rare pieces…

Horns up

The editor



Any news coming?! read on…

Hello all

I want to thank all the requests for albums reviews but I really need a hand as I can’t do it all myself.

Getting few new interviews for the next mag but please keep reading and spreading the others just for the sake of helping out bands.

Recently had an interview from Hurricaine Entertainement (in French) , after all these years it’s amazing to have people getting interested by what I do so a huge thank you!

Thanks to Donna Labate I have the honor to get few answers from Ravenscroft who is very busy getting the band ‘s album up and running.

Also Alexandra who is presenting her new band First Dawn

Stay tuned



What’s in the issue 22 of The Metal Mag?

Ok if you wonder what you will find the next issue of The Metal Mag here is a bit of info :

Debra Beach poem

Pain is

Tentation (Français / English)

Gaia Epicus

Seasons of the wolf – interview from Dave Softee from Metal Meltdown

Double Raw

Project Pain

More to come!

Also thank you for all who bought the paper mag edition, it’s not printed but if you really want one get back to me



Give aways…

Hello Fellows,
In the last issue of The Metal Mag it’s written you can get a FREE album from JacksonHewitt
As for now I haven’t received any messages so I supposed you are not interested.
It’s a shame to see when bands are trying to be gentle and noone cares while they are struggling to put their music out and give fans great music.
Next time I will give tide pods I might get some messages…

The Metal Mag work

Ok while I try to explain to everyone by sending mails, adverts on the mags…etc..

People need to understand I’m not working for anybody and the mag is mine. I appreciate the support and the demands but as I may sounds out of this planet. Nobody lives with water and peace!

So if you want me to get reviews and interviews done you have to understand it has a cost. If you don’t want to pay it’s ok I may take the time to do it on free time. But if you want to be on the top list and help me continue to support you, then I’m asking few bucks so we all enjoy our passion and keep the music spreading.

$/€ 5 a review

$/€ 10 an Interview

$/€ 120 one page advert

You can read the mags for free on the site and if you want a PDF copy to own you can just click buy at the end so you have a souvenir.

Thank you for your time and comprehension

The Editor.