Lo Nero new song!


It’s been a while. I hope this email finds you well. 

After recovering from a 2-month illness of Covid, pneumonia, and viral infection, I wanted to reward myself by finishing and releasing a new song. The song is called “Left Field” and it’s a genre I’ve always wanted to do. Throughout my albums, I’ve recorded Latin and Classical, Blues and Folk, Hawaiian and Metal, and Country and Rock. But there was always one genre I never did. Finally, I can knock this genre off the list. 

The main solo guitar (what I’m playing in the video below) was all improvised. After I recorded it I added piano. This song was a true labor of love. Fretless bass was played by Dave Reigert who some of you know played bass on my first solo album “Slather”. 

Also, work is still happening on my solo album, “Friends of My Enemy” with guitar legend Tony MacAlpine producing and playing keyboards. 

Thank you for listening and stay strapped to the grooved

Bill Lonero

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