Do-you-know-what-makes-The-Metal-Mag-successful : check-it-out

The Metal Mag N°31 has been released 16 days ago and saw already a good selling  amount.

I want to thank the new subscribers and all the people who bought the printed mag as the Pdf one.

Orders Nov 2019

Mostly Americans people who are the biggest buyers for the printed copy!!! Thank you so much . I wonder why the other part of the world who asked for it since 2016 aren”t that much interested to own this piece of music history.

The Metal Mag N°31

The pdf copy has been created since 1998, although the cheapest price . ( it was online Free.) 
To my surprise doesn’t have much success compared to the printed mag , so it is always great to see people are ordering a copy so they can read it anywhere and most support my work to spread bands.

I recall I am the only person behind everything and you are always welcome to participate to spread and share the bands, through interviews , reviews , live events… (Thx kelly)

You must be commited and passionate enough to follow the schedule.

Sadly I started to unsubscribe to newsletters from labels and prs, I don’t have the time on reading mails and need a support stronger than just Free promotion. If you want to advertise or like Gregg being on the front cover. You need to follow the prices page in the mag and in the website.

Tell your friends and if you have a band and want to be promoted you know what to do. Get your photo and name in the mag which is so sought after for spreading the bands that haven’t got much exposure.

Please give me your feedback!  what do you like in the mag , what would you want to see…etc; also I’m thinking of starting a patreon to get help to print the mag.

I want to tell all of you who ask me to like your facebook page, I can’t do it because facebook stop me to so I have to unlike pages… 

Thx for your support.

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